Lactose is used as a filler and food additives to create and improve the smell and taste and also prevent discoloration of the product.
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milk protein concentrate (mpc)
High nutritional value, having good taste, increasing the viscosity of the products and improving the texture of the products are some reasons for the use of milk protein concentrate (MPC) in the food industry.
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coconut oil rbd
Lauric acid- which acts as an anti-bacterial and eliminates viruses and bacteria of the body- makes up more than 50% of coconut oil.
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Sodium acid pyrophosphate
In many flour products, sodium acid pyrophosphate is used to increase the volume and reduce the fermentation time.
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Bread improvers and their role in the final product
Increasing the shelf life of bread and fermentation speed
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The role of butter and margarine fat in baking process
- Increasing volume - Improving smell and taste - increasing shelf life of the product and delaying stalin
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 Chemical Supplier
- Mono ammonium phosphate
- Diammonium phosphate
- Mono-potassium phosphate
- Phenol
- Sorbitol
- Mono-di-glyceride
- Potassium hydroxide
- Potassium carbonate


-Sodium acid pyrophosphate
- coconut oil
- lactose
(MPC 70%) , (WPC 80%)
- Mono and di-calcium phosphate,
- Ascorbic acid
- Sodium benzoate
- Coconut fatty acid
- tartaric acid
- baking soda
- Phosphoric acid
- Calcium nitrate
- Sodium carbonate
- Copper sulfate
- Ammonium bicarbonate
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