Welcoming the lactose imported by Lian Tejarat Toranj company

Posed at Saturday 2016/4/30

Suitable for use in dairy and chocolate industry

Lactose 200 mesh in two grades: pharmaceutical and edible

 - Lactose 200 mesh imported from Turkey by Lian Tejarat Toranj company  available with the brand maybi in two grades: pharmaceutical and food grade.

For more information, you can contact with our experts to get the price.

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- Mono ammonium phosphate
- Diammonium phosphate
- Mono-potassium phosphate
- Phenol
- Sorbitol
- Mono-di-glyceride
- Potassium hydroxide
- Potassium carbonate


-Sodium acid pyrophosphate
- coconut oil
- lactose
(MPC 70%) , (WPC 80%)
- Mono and di-calcium phosphate,
- Ascorbic acid
- Sodium benzoate
- Coconut fatty acid
- tartaric acid
- baking soda
- Phosphoric acid
- Calcium nitrate
- Sodium carbonate
- Copper sulfate
- Ammonium bicarbonate
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