The role of butter and margarine fat in baking process

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- Increasing volume - Improving smell and taste - increasing shelf life of the product and delaying stalin

 The role of butter and margarine fat in baking process
Fats play an important role in shaping the dough and baking process.
Butter is a natural emulsifier and a dairy product usually made of skimmed milk or buttermilk. In addition to the daily use of it for breakfast, it is widely used in other industries, particularly in the food industry.
Butter used in the production of flour products must have at least 80% fat. Butter aroma is better and more than margarine.
There are various types of butter that can be used in the manufacture of various products according to its type.


Margarine is an emulsion of water in fat often obtained from the hydrogenation of vegetable oils and animal fats. According to the amount of hydrogenation, it has different melting temperatures.  
Margarines used for baking flour products should have about 80% fat like butter. Margarine aroma is less than butter, so it is better to use a combination of margarine and butter for baking. Some margarine manufacturers use fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and D to enhance the nutritional value of foods.

After getting familiar with two type of fat used in baking, we explain the role of fat as listed in the following:
In general, fat can:
- cause effective combination of ingredients resulting in better fluidity of the dough.
- increase the brittleness and softness, resulting in better chewing.
- increase the volume.
- improve the taste and smell.
- increase the shelf life of the product and delay staling.

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