Sodium acid pyrophosphate

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In many flour products, sodium acid pyrophosphate is used to increase the volume and reduce the fermentation time.

 Selling sodium acid pyrophosphate
Here, we are going to give a full explanation for sodium acid pyrophosphate, including how it is made, i.e. it is made from a combination of which raw materials, the use of this matter and that the highest consumption of sodium acid phosphate is in producing what products in the world.
Sodium acid pyrophosphate is known with other names in the world, such as disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate, disodium diphosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, pyrophosphate and SAPP. It is accepted by various countries as an additive in the production of food products.
 Sodium acid pyrophosphate is a relatively acidic compound with the chemical formula Na2h2p2o7 PH 4 and is a completely white powder obtained from a combination of phosphoric acid and a kind of salt.

 By combining sodium acid pyrophosphate with baking soda, carbon dioxide is released and causes bread dough to be leavened or fermented. This gas also increases the volume of bread texture, biscuits, muffins and other flour products. Other materials such as tartaric acid, cream of tartar or mono calcium phosphate, di calcium phosphate, sodium aluminum phosphates with the exception of sodium acid pyrophosphate are also among the factors affecting the ferment.

 This features have caused to use sodium acid pyrophosphate in many flour products to increase the volume and reduce the fermentation time.

 Most application of pyrophosphate is in the production of baking powder and bread / flour improvers, and to some extent in the production of biscuits, muffins and tetra sodium pyrophosphate used in the production of toothpaste.

 Sodium acid pyrophosphate is used in marine products to prevent the formation of struvite crystals.

It is used in meat and protein products to maintain the color and increase the shelf life of product and as an emulsifier in the dairy industry.

 Pyrophosphates are divided into three groups according to their performance speed and product type i.e. the product form when leavening: fast, medium and slow pyrophosphate and manufacturers use it in their formulation in terms of product type.

 In our country, the greatest import and sales of sodium acid pyrophosphate is related to China and it is sometimes imported from countries such as Germany and Thailand.

Lian Tejarat Toranj company which is active in importing raw materials for food industry, especially raw materials for BAKERY. The company is going to import sodium acid pyrophosphate from China in 25 kg packagings. It is ready to supply this material in any tonnage in pure white powder with high quality and competitive prices in the country.

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