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Lauric acid- which acts as an anti-bacterial and eliminates viruses and bacteria of the body- makes up more than 50% of coconut oil.

 Selling coconut oil rbd
Here, we give a full explanation of coconut oil rbd including definition and the use of it, and that the most consumption of coconut oil, especially refined coconut oil (RBD) is related to the manufacture of which products in the world.

 Rbd coconut oil is a unique mix of fatty acids that can have positive effects on health due to medium-chain triglycerides. Hence, it is the most widely used in the food industry.
Coconut oil has been a large part of the diet in tropical countries of East Asia such as India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Malaysia from many years ago. It has a significant impact on people's health and they use its variants in their diet.
Lauric acid- which acts as an anti-bacterial and eliminates viruses and bacteria of the body- makes up more than 50% of coconut oil.
From the most important use of coconut oil is to lose weight and being fitness due to medium chain triglycerides (MCT) that increases the body's metabolism and thus it burns more calories- to cope with some viruses, improve some diseases such as epilepsy and reduce blood cholesterol. For healthy skin and hair, coconut oil is used in the production of cosmetics such as variety of creams and lotions and shampoo, deodorant and some eye mascara.
Today, coconut oil rbd has been less directly used in cosmetics. Usually the material that is used to produce them from coconut oil, such as Coconut fatty acids diethanolamide or Lauramide has more applications.
In the health sector, coconut oil is usually used for making soap.
In addition to the foregoing, coconut oil can be used for feeding animals as the energy source they require. Because vegetable oil is one of the best oils for animals, particularly poultry that prevents some diseases in their body and is good for the health of livestock and poultry.

Refined coconut oil (RBD) is used for the production of ice cream coatings and some chocolates due to properties such as high melting temperature, creating high energy in the body and also having good flavor. Also, coconut oil can be used in some cases for the production of powdered milk and baby food.
 In our country, the greatest import and sales of coconut oil rbd is related to Malaysia and the Philippines.
Lian Tejarat Toranj company which is active in importing food raw materials, is going to import the refined coconut oil rbd from Malaysia in barrels of 190 kg. The company is ready to provide coconut oil with competitive prices for producers of the country.

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