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Lactose is used as a filler and food additives to create and improve the smell and taste and also prevent discoloration of the product.

 Selling lactose
First, it is better to define lactose and express how to create it. In addition, we mention a full description of the use of lactose. We also express lactose is widely used in the manufacture of which products and industries in the world.   
 Lactose or milk sugar which is abundant in milk, particularly milk of ruminants such as cows, can be prepared during the separation process of sweet or sour whey.
 Countries like the Netherlands, Germany, America, India, Australia and Brazil, which are active in the dairy industry and milk production in the world, are the largest producer of lactose.
Materials containing lactose include cow's milk, sheep's milk, margarine, cheese, butter and even some alcohols. The remarkable point is that those who have the problem of lactose intolerance, It is better not to eat those foods containing lactose together in one day to prevent the problem. Lactose intolerance can cause some problems in the body such as the gas and bloating, and diarrhea in some cases. Therefore, some dairy companies choose low-lactose or lactose-free milk in their basket of goods.
 Lactose has less sweetness than fructose and galactose. So it can be used as a viable alternative for the production of sugar-free or low-sugar diet products.
Lactose monohydrate is produced as monohydrate (hydrated) and anhydrous (dried) with different meshes: 80, 100 and 200. Different kinds of them are used according to type of product in various industries.
 Food manufacturers use lactose as a filler in the manufacture of their products. Lactose is also used as a food additive to create and improve the smell and taste and prevent product discoloration.
It is also used to increase weight due to its low price.
 Lactose (lactose sales by Lian Tejarat Toranj) is considerably used in dried milk and baby food so that lactose makes up more than 50 percent of the dried milk.

 This product would be a suitable replacement for part of the dried milk in food manufacturing. Hence, companies active in the dairy industry and the chocolate industry can replace part of the dried milk with lactose. This improves quality, taste and color and reduces product cost.

 Pharmaceutical grade lactose (lactose sales by Lian Tejarat Toranj) is also used in the pharmaceutical industry as coatings and fillers in pill manufacturing, such as contraceptive pills, antacids pills and throat lozenges and any other pills.
Lian Tejarat Toranj company which is active in the supply of pharmaceutical and food raw materials, is providing edible and pharmaceutical lactose 200 mesh in 25 kg bags. It is ready to supply edible and pharmaceutical lactose with competitive prices for producers of the country.

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