Sodium acid pyrophosphate

Sodium acid pyrophosphate with the chemical formula NA2 H2P2O7 is a fairly acidic compound with a PH 4. Pyrophosphate is used in many flour products to increase the volume and reduce the fermentation time. This type of acid releases large amounts of carbon dioxide after mixing with flour and water. This gas increases the volume and causes the spongy tissue of the bread, biscuits and other flour products. Pyrophosphate is mostly used in the production of baking powder, bread and flour improvers, and to some extent in the production of biscuits and muffins. Tetra sodium pyrophosphate is used in making toothpaste.
Also, this acid can be used in marine, meat and protein products and dairy industry.
Disodium diphosphate, pyrophosphate or disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate are other names for sodium acid pyrophosphate.

Pyrophosphates are divided into three groups according to their performance speed: fast pyrophosphate, medium pyrophosphate and slow pyrophosphate.


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-Sodium acid pyrophosphate
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