Lactose or milk sugar which is abundant in milk can be prepared from sweet or sour whey during the separation process. This product would be a suitable replacement for part of the dry milk in the food production.
Other applications and mix products of pure lactose are as stabilizer of flavor and aroma in the food industry, and during producing some pills in the pharmaceutical industry and bodybuilding powders.

 Lian Tejarat Toranj provides lactose 200 mesh.



 Chemical Supplier
- Mono ammonium phosphate
- Diammonium phosphate
- Mono-potassium phosphate
- Phenol
- Sorbitol
- Mono-di-glyceride
- Potassium hydroxide
- Potassium carbonate


-Sodium acid pyrophosphate
- coconut oil
- lactose
(MPC 70%) , (WPC 80%)
- Mono and di-calcium phosphate,
- Ascorbic acid
- Sodium benzoate
- Coconut fatty acid
- tartaric acid
- baking soda
- Phosphoric acid
- Calcium nitrate
- Sodium carbonate
- Copper sulfate
- Ammonium bicarbonate
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