baking soda

 Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is a sodium salt. It is odorless and without taste, and hence is used for producing all kinds of baking powder, biscuits and flour products, soft drinks production, in the sanitation industry, in the production of some drugs and as livestock and poultry feed.

Lian Tejarat Toranj company provides Iranian and Chinese baking soda in 50 kg and 25 kg bags.


 Chemical Supplier
- Mono ammonium phosphate
- Diammonium phosphate
- Mono-potassium phosphate
- Phenol
- Sorbitol
- Mono-di-glyceride
- Potassium hydroxide
- Potassium carbonate


-Sodium acid pyrophosphate
- coconut oil
- lactose
(MPC 70%) , (WPC 80%)
- Mono and di-calcium phosphate,
- Ascorbic acid
- Sodium benzoate
- Coconut fatty acid
- tartaric acid
- baking soda
- Phosphoric acid
- Calcium nitrate
- Sodium carbonate
- Copper sulfate
- Ammonium bicarbonate
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