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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    ? Are the products of Lian Tejarat Toranj domestically produced or imported

    Two products sodium acid pyrophosphate (Hofel brand) and sodium bicarbonate (Raika brand) are domestically produced and exclusive products of Lian Tejarat Toranj company, and other products are mostly imported from China, India, Korea and Malaysia.

    ? Is it possible to sell with an official invoice

    All sales of Lian Tejarat Toranj products are in the form of official invoices, including 9% added value.

    ? What should be the minimum order quantity of goods

    Due to the fact that most of the products of Lian Tejarat Toranj are edible, customers who intend to buy small quantities must buy the full pack of that product (bag, gallon, barrel).

    ? What are the retail and wholesale prices

    The selling price of the product has a direct relationship with the quantity and tonnage of the order, so the higher the order quantity of the product, the lower the price and vice versa.

    ? Do Lian Tejarat Toranj products have the necessary licenses

    All the imported goods of Lian Tejarat Toranj have a valid license from the Food and Drug Organization, and the manufactured goods of this company also have a valid manufacturing license.

    ? What are the procedures for ordering products

    Dear customers who intend to buy the products of Lian Tejarat Toranj company, first contact the experienced experts of the company and after announcing the type of product requested, the amount of the product, the method of payment, a proforma invoice will be issued to them and the rest of the steps will be followed. Our experts will be with them until they receive the product correctly and safely and confirm its quality by the customers.

    ? Where is the company's goods stored

    All goods are available in the company’s public warehouses